I was born in 1977 in Žandov near Česká Lípa, where I also spent 8 years of primary schooling. This was followed by studies at the Grammar School in Česká Lípa, then three years of study of Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (unfinished) and studies of biology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University (completed after five years with God's help).
My musical "career" has begun at the age of eleven, when I discovered my sister's guitar and my brother's album of the Zelenáči band (a band that played Czech versions of classic country and bluegrass songs).
My interest in music continued despite the fact that I attended classical guitar classes at the music school for 3 years. The classical guitar was later replaced by an electric guitar and the Zelenáči band by Led Zeppelin.
After several unsuccessful garage bands, of which I was a member during my high school years, I became a member of the Řemdih  band in 1997 and I remain as its member to this day. Řemdih initially presented itself as a new wave band with original songs, but at the time of my arrival it was just beginning to focus on medieval and renaissance music. Until today, it has performed hundreds of times in the Czech Republic and in a number of other European countries, and four released recordings.
The beginnings of my instrument making craft date back to the beginning of the new millennium and the reason was a material need that did not allow me to buy instruments from established manufacturers. So I started the production myself. The hobby gradually became an extra income while I was still studying and later also a full-time job. I have been producing string instruments since 2000 and wind instruments since 2003. After Žandov and Prague, I finally settled near the Celtic oppidum in the Central Bohemian village of Osov, and you can still find me here.